Three year adoptiversary

Hi friends. I’m super stoked. This week is our three year adoptiversary.

Click here to go to FaceBook fundraiser page.

We came home on 20 August 2016.

To celebrate, we are launching our first Facebook fundraiser. It will benefit the Humane Society of Greater Dayton. This is the awesome no-kill shelter that saved us.

Our goal is $1000.

Click here to go to fundraiser.

Here’s how the money will enable HSGD to help even more cats:

🐈💗 $440 for winter shelter workshop to help keep community cats warm and dry in the winter.  (The remainder of the funds for these shelters has been raised. Once the total amount is raised, they will have supplies to make 100 winter cat shelters!)

🐈💗 $210 to microchip 30 cats (every cat that enters our adoption program is microchipped)

🐈💗 $350 to spay/neuter 9 cats (every cat that enters our adoption program or is in our T-N-R program is spayed/neutered)

TOTAL = $1,000

You may think giving a small amount isn’t much, but it’s everything! When all those dollars add up, they can do so much for kitties like us.

If you have some extra coin, we hope you’ll spread some love and donate.

Click here to go to fundraiser.


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