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Zara Q&A

Hi friends. I haven’t updated the blog in a long time. My bad. I’ve been super busy hunting, napping cuddling, playing, and of course feasting on chicken. I play hard and nap hard.

~ Safari watching me sleep ~

I thought I’d share some answers to some of the questions we get asked a lot. Here goes …

Yes, Safari is my brother. We are litter mates. He’s a boy and I’m a girl. I am bigger than he is and I’m the one in charge. Lisa panicked for about a second or two thinking she’d never be able to tell us apart when she brought us home, but now she never confuses us. We get along really well and sometimes we hold hands when we cuddle.

Yes, we chase each other and play fight. It doesn’t last long and we never hurt each other. Sometimes I feel the need to remind Safari that I’m in charge and I will boot him from where he is sitting and take his spot. I also like to steal Lisa’s spot when she gets up. Basically, everyone gives into me.

We are American short hair tabby cats. Lisa calls us tigers, and that suits us. Tabby is not a breed of domestic cats, but rather a type of marking and those markings can happen no matter the color of fur. Tabby kitties have an M type of pattern on the forehead and stripes around the eyes, on the face and elsewhere on the body.

We love chicken. It’s our favorite, along with turkey. We eat both crunchy kibble and the wet food. Lisa has been trying to back off on the crunchy treats, but we play the cute card pretty hard and get our way.

We don’t sleep together every day, but we do groom each other several times a day, we give each other nose kisses and head rubs and often sit next to each other. Sometimes we nap together.

I sleep more than Safari, but when I am awake I am usually doing something. Speaking of naps, time for another one.

Fantasy vs Reality

I like keeping it real, so I augment the food Lisa puts out for us by going on the hunt every day. Helps keep me in shape too. The mice around here are pretty lifeless though. I think they are terrified of me, because they freeze up when I’m around. The only time I see them move is when Lisa flings them around, which is weird, because she tells me all the time how much she is afraid of mice.

Anyway, I find them all over the house, so it keeps me busy. I especially like to get in a morning hunt and another during the night when Lisa goes to bed. Sometimes I leave them in places where she hangs out or in her handbag in case she needs a snack. Personally I don’t care for them. I mean I’ll lick them and give them a bite sometimes, but between you and me I am very glad that I don’t have to eat them.

Safari is another story. He goes for these pink sticks. I kid you not. I don’t think they are even real creatures, more like toys, but what are they even supposed to look like? Maybe we’ve just been living inside too long, but I don’t get it. He loves them though. Lisa says he’s goofy. She calls us a lot of names and I think that time she nailed him. He does have some good pounce moves. I trained him well.

He’s a really good brother. Lisa tells me I’m lucky to have him and to be sweet to him. I think she used to worry that I might bully him. When we first moved in here, everything was so new and I had to make sure he remembered that I’m in charge. We never lived in a house before and I’ll be honest with you, as wonderful as this place is it was a lot to take in at first. It’s also possible I have some control issues. Sometimes I make him move if I want to sit where he is (or even just to prove I can make him move). This used to lead to some bickering and boxing, but that’s all behind us now.

We like hanging out together and I’d say we are a pretty affectionate family. Lisa always greets us with pets and her lovey words, and Safari and I like to nose kiss and rub heads. We are pretty much always together, so mostly we do this when we wake up from our naps or circle the kitchen waiting for that delicious chicken. We also groom each other a lot. Lisa is constantly snapping pics, so we have to look good 24/7. We like to look out of the window together, play with toys, chase each other, and sometimes cuddle. Lisa goes bonkers when we cuddle together with her. It’s like her favorite thing. Ever. She tells us we are together forever. I like the sound of that.

Okay friends. I think that does it for today. Blogging is exhausting. I’m starting to get this concept of work. Time for a catnap, or as I call it a nap.