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Everyday is Caturday

So I finally made it online. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. I’m an inside cat, therefore I literally don’t get out much. I’m Zara. I live with my brother, Safari. Our birthday is estimated to be the first of May 2015. No one seems to know our actual birthday. We made our way into a shelter when we were a couple of months old and lived there for over a year until Lisa brought us home. She takes care of us. Basically she’s our mom. Safari and I have no plans to leave here. It’s pretty sweet.

Just because we live inside doesn’t mean we have given up the hunt. You wouldn’t believe how much prey we see every day. Lucky for them, they are protected by the glass window. Safari and I would be all over them if it wasn’t for the glass. Lisa keeps putting food outside and says she is renewing our CatFlix subscription. Her shows are on a very flat box and kind of boring. Maybe if she put some different food out, she would have cool stuff to watch too.

Days here are pretty full. We have are window reality shows, toys, chase games, naps, snacks, cuddle times and house patrol. I like checking everything over every day. You never know when you might find a new smell.

Being adorable 24/7 is pretty easy, but all the other activity can be exhausting.  We like to chill in the evenings. In the winter, we get to hang by the fire. Safari and I are pretty tight. Lisa says we are bonded and I think that’s about right. We groom each other a lot and we always seem to be near each other. I’m basically in charge. 

Lisa is home a lot. She used to go off to a place called “work” but now she doesn’t. Sometimes she sits at her desk and calls that work. I think it’s important to supervise. Mostly, I just like knowing that anytime I jump up on the desk, she stops and pets me for as long as I want. It’s weird having so much power over someone. 

I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you. Lisa is setting up a facebook page for us, so you can be friends with us there too. 

Be well.