The Mouse that Moved

Hi guys. Long time, no blog. I’ve been kind of busy lately, but I wanted to jump on here and give you a mouse update.

I have more evidence that the mice in this house are terrified of me. Remember how I told you that they freeze when I’m around and they don’t move unless I fling them around? Well here’s a lively one and I only ever see it move when Lisa is near it. Clearly it thinks Lisa will somehow protect it, like she protects Safari and me.  Wrong.

I do like that I have a bit more of a challenge chasing it and batting at it. It also jumps pretty high, but it is still no match for me. Lisa keeps saying she wants to record my aerial acrobats, but can’t quite catch it with her phone. Hello. Has she not heard of a GoPro? What kind of a professional cat photographer is she? I should probably research it for her. I’m so getting into the Internet.

Speaking of obsessions, Safari has become convinced there is chicken in this canvas. I might have told him this. 😂😻

Lisa loved watching him hunt for it, but I think she figured out I tricked him. Look at what she made us do for St Patrick’s Day.  I was indignant. If she thinks she can start putting clothes on us she is in for a rude awakening.

Ok. I need go bunny kick something now. Happy Caturday. 

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