Public Service Announcements

Hi Friends. I have a few PSAs I need to share, so I’m just going to bang out a quick post today.

First one is to drink water. It’s super important for everyone to drink water. I’ve heard rumors that some cats don’t drink enough. I’m not sure why. We love it and make regular visits to our fountain. Safari loves it even more than I do, which is good, because boy cats tend to get UTIs and stuff more than we girls do. It has something to do with their shorter urinary tracts or something. Anyway, drink up and stay healthy.

Next one is about claws. Folks, paws need claws. Seriously. These are part of our bodies so don’t declaw. It’s so not cool and it hurts us. I won’t go into more detail, but you can google it. I’m learning all kinds of stuff now that I am online. I googled so much yesterday I missed a nap. Anyway, my claws are magnificent and I’m glad I will always have them.

One more thing. While I was googling I kept finding references to “you snooze you lose” like it’s a bad thing and you miss out. I love to snooze. In fact, I think it should be “you snooze you win a nap.” I’m starting to think that not everything on the Internet is true.

Enjoy a good snooze. Bye!

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