Zara Q&A

Hi friends. I haven’t updated the blog in a long time. My bad. I’ve been super busy hunting, napping cuddling, playing, and of course feasting on chicken. I play hard and nap hard.

~ Safari watching me sleep ~

I thought I’d share some answers to some of the questions we get asked a lot. Here goes …

Yes, Safari is my brother. We are litter mates. He’s a boy and I’m a girl. I am bigger than he is and I’m the one in charge. Lisa panicked for about a second or two thinking she’d never be able to tell us apart when she brought us home, but now she never confuses us. We get along really well and sometimes we hold hands when we cuddle.

Yes, we chase each other and play fight. It doesn’t last long and we never hurt each other. Sometimes I feel the need to remind Safari that I’m in charge and I will boot him from where he is sitting and take his spot. I also like to steal Lisa’s spot when she gets up. Basically, everyone gives into me.

We are American short hair tabby cats. Lisa calls us tigers, and that suits us. Tabby is not a breed of domestic cats, but rather a type of marking and those markings can happen no matter the color of fur. Tabby kitties have an M type of pattern on the forehead and stripes around the eyes, on the face and elsewhere on the body.

We love chicken. It’s our favorite, along with turkey. We eat both crunchy kibble and the wet food. Lisa has been trying to back off on the crunchy treats, but we play the cute card pretty hard and get our way.

We don’t sleep together every day, but we do groom each other several times a day, we give each other nose kisses and head rubs and often sit next to each other. Sometimes we nap together.

I sleep more than Safari, but when I am awake I am usually doing something. Speaking of naps, time for another one.

Three year adoptiversary

Hi friends. I’m super stoked. This week is our three year adoptiversary.

Click here to go to FaceBook fundraiser page.

We came home on 20 August 2016.

To celebrate, we are launching our first Facebook fundraiser. It will benefit the Humane Society of Greater Dayton. This is the awesome no-kill shelter that saved us.

Our goal is $1000.

Click here to go to fundraiser.

Here’s how the money will enable HSGD to help even more cats:

🐈💗 $440 for winter shelter workshop to help keep community cats warm and dry in the winter.  (The remainder of the funds for these shelters has been raised. Once the total amount is raised, they will have supplies to make 100 winter cat shelters!)

🐈💗 $210 to microchip 30 cats (every cat that enters our adoption program is microchipped)

🐈💗 $350 to spay/neuter 9 cats (every cat that enters our adoption program or is in our T-N-R program is spayed/neutered)

TOTAL = $1,000

You may think giving a small amount isn’t much, but it’s everything! When all those dollars add up, they can do so much for kitties like us.

If you have some extra coin, we hope you’ll spread some love and donate.

Click here to go to fundraiser.


IGTV Premiere and a magic portal

I’ve been filling in Safari on my Instagram news, now I want to share it with you.

Getting on the Internet has been so eye opening. Since my last post, I’ve discovered Instagram and started using it to make new friends. Lots of cats hang out there.

I decided to go all in and create an Instagram TV channel. I debuted my first masterpiece. I call it Origin Story. It’s three minutes long and has cool jazz.

My other big news, I discovered a magic portal that lets me go to all kinds of places and sometimes when I get there, I’m huge. It’s a wild ride.

I showed Safari and he loves it! I was hoping to keep it from Lisa, but she figured it out when she saw all the selfies in her phone. Fortunately she is cool with us using it. I need to get my own phone.

So busy lately. I’m exhausted just telling you about it. Have a good one.


The Mouse that Moved

Hi guys. Long time, no blog. I’ve been kind of busy lately, but I wanted to jump on here and give you a mouse update.

I have more evidence that the mice in this house are terrified of me. Remember how I told you that they freeze when I’m around and they don’t move unless I fling them around? Well here’s a lively one and I only ever see it move when Lisa is near it. Clearly it thinks Lisa will somehow protect it, like she protects Safari and me.  Wrong.

I do like that I have a bit more of a challenge chasing it and batting at it. It also jumps pretty high, but it is still no match for me. Lisa keeps saying she wants to record my aerial acrobats, but can’t quite catch it with her phone. Hello. Has she not heard of a GoPro? What kind of a professional cat photographer is she? I should probably research it for her. I’m so getting into the Internet.

Speaking of obsessions, Safari has become convinced there is chicken in this canvas. I might have told him this. 😂😻

Lisa loved watching him hunt for it, but I think she figured out I tricked him. Look at what she made us do for St Patrick’s Day.  I was indignant. If she thinks she can start putting clothes on us she is in for a rude awakening.

Ok. I need go bunny kick something now. Happy Caturday. 

Public Service Announcements

Hi Friends. I have a few PSAs I need to share, so I’m just going to bang out a quick post today.

First one is to drink water. It’s super important for everyone to drink water. I’ve heard rumors that some cats don’t drink enough. I’m not sure why. We love it and make regular visits to our fountain. Safari loves it even more than I do, which is good, because boy cats tend to get UTIs and stuff more than we girls do. It has something to do with their shorter urinary tracts or something. Anyway, drink up and stay healthy.

Next one is about claws. Folks, paws need claws. Seriously. These are part of our bodies so don’t declaw. It’s so not cool and it hurts us. I won’t go into more detail, but you can google it. I’m learning all kinds of stuff now that I am online. I googled so much yesterday I missed a nap. Anyway, my claws are magnificent and I’m glad I will always have them.

One more thing. While I was googling I kept finding references to “you snooze you lose” like it’s a bad thing and you miss out. I love to snooze. In fact, I think it should be “you snooze you win a nap.” I’m starting to think that not everything on the Internet is true.

Enjoy a good snooze. Bye!